PARTNERŪ Advanced Communications System

Reliability, simplicity, and a large selection of advanced
telephony features make the PARTNERŪ Advanced
Communications System ideal for small growing businesses.
This system is designed to help meet the complex business
needs facing small enterprises today-with room for growth
to meet future needs.

Available for more than 16 years, over one million PARTNER systems have been sold

The PARTNERŪ Advanced Communications Release 7 System's
processor module supports five incoming lines and nine extensions,
while PARTNER Basic's system processor module supports 3
incoming lines and 8 extensions. The maximum Release 7 system
configuration is 21 lines and 44 extensions, or 31 lines and 8
extensions. Either processor module can operate on its own or
can be used with a 2- or 5-slot carrier and additional expansion
modules. Expansion modules can be used to add lines and extensions
to the system, or additional capabilities such as voice messaging.

Enhanced Tip/ring capability enables businesses to add other industry-standard devices to
their PARTNERŪ Advanced Communications System.

Tip/Ring capability allows users to plug in a fax machine, single-line telephone set, modem,
or credit card reader. Avaya has enhanced this feature with "plug-and-play" service, which
means that the system recognizes these devices without additional programming or
expensive adapters.

The system is directly compatible with 3 distinct voice messaging systems: the more
Partner Messaging Module, the deluxe Partner Mail, and the affordable
Partner Voice Messaging PC Card
. So you can enjoy advanced features like Auto
Attendant for after-hours calls, multi-lingual support, and high quality digital messaging.