Regardless of which model you select (they vary primarily by call-handling and voice
message storage capacity), an ESI Communications Server will serve your needs now and
for years to come. This fully flexible communications platform can support
both digital
and VoIP in any desired combination. ESI Communications Servers also deliver
massive expandability and the greatest functionality ESI has ever offered.

Since 1996, our IVX all-digital, all-in-one business systems have been installed in offices
throughout America. Both are ideal solutions for the small business.


The name VIP means Visually Integrated Phone. It works within Microsoft® Outlook® to
help you manage your ESI voice mail and contacts from you PC. VIP Professional adds still
more features, such as auto-recording, text-messaging, and color-coded monitoring of
station status.

ESI Presence Management

This ESI exclusive combines RFID scanning technology and ESI's award-winning
telephone systems to offer presence status, call control, entrance security, and documented
tracking of users' work hours and attendance history. For complete time and attendance
management, use it with ESI TimeLine software.


Our advanced multi-site solution lets you use your data network to interconnect numerous
ESI phone systems as if they were one
big system.